while the iron's hot

Lana joins the list of ladies-in-progress.

...something like this sketch I did last weekend

but with fishes and things.

These larger watercolors take a bit longer and I seem to let them stew longer. Having a few going at a time keeps me working while some are simmering in my brain.

Things to finish in September.

Keepin' on

A much-needed 3-day road-trip & fishing vacation

Home again and back to work. When I'm too tired to work, I work in the sketchbook.

The sudden brief crisp in the air makes me drag out piles of books and yarn and schedules for life-drawing classes. I've been working hard all summer, but everything seems to move smoother in the cooler weather. We had to wear sweaters all weekend up north, and pumpkins were for sale on the side of the road.


Not a whole lot to show you, internets, tho' I have been wicked busy on all fronts,

A lot of day-jobbing, driving, and other miscelaneous tasks that don't translate well into blog-updates or instagram.

First off

My Marceline "Shades of Red" painting is now available at OhNo!Doom (on the previously mentioned Preview List for today, online in the show and in the gallery for sale tomorrow).

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I'll just say it, Instagram has made me lazy.

I can just point and shoot and upload and call it a day. Which is fantastic because lemme tellya, there is a lot of crap going on right now that keeps me away from this laptop. The only things I want to see this machine for are visual references for painting, pandora rockin', and google-chatting my ladies.

So, Instagram, I appreciate the convenience, but I also feel disconnected from writing, emails, blogging, so on.

Partly, this is all going to explain why it's taken me so long to give a big shout-out check-out (and thank-you) to one of my favorite ladies out there

This Sussex-born Wales-living lady makes lovely music, entertaining bloggery, pretty photographs, and downright adorable babies. Make yourself a cup of tea and head on over to read her blog, Mossery: a collection of mosses. She recently did a re-post of one of my favorite entries, which has one of my favorite sentences in it:
"I've been sitting on my computer at my parents house for a week endlessly and cleanly extracting sunflower seeds from their black shells with my teeth, a technique I finally perfected whilst spinning through the Gobi Desert almost two weeks ago."
Love it.
She also recently did a post featuring my work, right here, which was so sweet I got a bit weepy.
So thank you lady! I love your work as well.

I'm going to try to focus on writing actual words and sentences here more often. Like I said, I've been disconnected from writing in general, because of so many things. We'll see how it goes.
Meanwhile, you should totally follow me on Instagram --> @melissasuestanley

Cowabunga, Indeed.

O-M-Glob you guys, it's almost Adventure Time!!!

On August 11th, OhNo!Doom Gallery in Chicago is going to get wicked algebraic!

If you're in Chicago you don't want to miss this. C'mon and grab your friends and swing on by to check out the super amazing art, smash some cookies in your face, maybe do a little science-dancing, and play my favorite game, "Count How Many Hipster Girls Came Dressed Up As Marceline"

In the meantime, don't forget that the current show Septenary is still on! Which means it's not too late for someone to buy J. Shea's "Caligrapher" for me as a belated birthday present...

...it's seriously gorgeous.

OK, enough chatter. BACK TA WERK for me. A certain sweet gentleman is working on finishing up the scan-stuff involved in my Marceline painting, so I should have a nice final image for you of that later tonight! And I'll let you know about the prints of that which will be available at the show.
Painting, cartoons, and beer, here we go.
Happy Tuesday, internet.

more hags

Last Saturday

was spent sitting around OhNo!Doom with the lovely folk there - stitching up some new Bite Size Baba Yaga Chicken Shacks. So now there's 3 more of those little buggers at the gallery! Thirty bucks of adorable evil.

Speaking of that old lady...

Did a lil' Baba Yaga doodlin' last night, getting ready for some new watercolor paintings.

Back to work...